[Chaz] Sorry about the recent inactivity on this blog. When you’re working with redstone and talking to other extraterrestrial beings, the time can fly. I’m currently running my alien friend through the steps on how to set up communications through my channel, so he’ll be around to answer your questions soon!

[[A/N: Yo folks, I’m still kicking! I haven’t been on Minecraft for aaaaaages and I really should get back to it. I’ve been even less active with mineblogging because of personal reasons and also the fact that I’ve been focusing more on my webcomic, Intergalactic Truckstop. When that ends I’ll have more time to work on mineblogging things, but until then this is just me saying that I am still around!

If you are curious about the alien emissary, stay tuned - he’ll he sharing a blog with Chaz Itanta, but he is from a distant land where technology is much more advanced - which is a fancy way of saying “If you ask anything about Tekkit or Feed The Beast, he’ll answer those questions.”]]


They say… (This city)

This city, (She’s been dead)

She’s been dead for years now, (For years now)

For years now… (For years now)

So death is (So death is)

Not something… (Not something)

Not something that scares me! (That scares me)

That scares me… (That scares me)

There’s worse things, (There’s worse things)

Than death here, (Than death here)

They told me… (Keep quiet!)

Keep Quiet, The Protomen Act II: The Father of Death

I dunno, goofing about with Lumi & Shade things on SAI some more.

Goddammit Protomen music always gets me in the mood to draw city backgrounds.

Whooops, I caught my mistake with quoting the lyrics of that song XD I always thought Joe said “This city, she’s been there for years now”, but actually he was saying “She’s been dead for years now”, which makes a lot more sense in the context of the song.

Anyway, reblogging this again because pretty lights and Protomen lyrics.

-[ 1 Year Anniversary ]-




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This is awesome :D Thank you for including Itanta Chaz in there too! (I really need to update my blog some more aaaaa)

[Join the Party!] - Flipflops in the snow



[Chaz] Ooh, I may as well stop by and relax for a little bit. I’ve been far too caught up in research and other things lately, I just need to kick back and relax for a little bit.

[ Baker: *HUGS*


I’m glad you were about to make it! I must hug the fluffy Chaz. ^u^

[Chaz] I’m glad to see you guys again! It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I forgot how chilly it gets around here in the winter months.

(A/N: Yes, Chaz will shamelessly wear flipflops even in winter. He’s an Arctic Itanta, so he could probably go barepaw if he wanted, but he finds sandals to be sufficient footwear, as do many Itanta on his home planet and elsewhere. :3)

Welcome to the Bakery!: [ Join the Party! ]




  • Not much on rules! Anyone’s allowed to stop by and enjoy the festivities. You don’t have to stay long. :3
  • Party is going on from Monday 17th to Monday the 24th!
  • You may reblog this post with whatever you would like to add to the party, if I can I will picture/respond and…

[Chaz] Ooh, I may as well stop by and relax for a little bit. I’ve been far too caught up in research and other things lately, I just need to kick back and relax for a little bit.

[Chaz] Where else did you think I got the green lenses for these goggles?


[[10/10, time to take a break from Grem!Chaz and get back to Itanta business.]]

[Chaz] S-seriously now. Point that thing somewhere else, m-mister! (Someone get me some backup, I don’t feel safe anymore!)

(A/N: I had to! I saw the name and I had to. |3)


[Chaz] You get a very big thumbs up, Magic Anon! I will make sure not to abuse this ability, for the aforementioned reason of there possibly being an actual Gremlin named Chaz elsewhere in the universe. Once my 10 posts are up I’ll be back to my old Itanta self, but I’ll switch to Gremlin from time to time when I’m bored. Or when I need to tinker with stuff.

(A/N: In other words, this Gremlin!Chaz isn’t the actual one, the actual one is living over on the planet Cradle, where Spiral Knights is set. :3)


[Chaz] I’d ask to become one of these permanently, but for all I know there might actually be a Gremlin Chaz somewhere out there in the universe who might not be happy about having a Doppelganger. That and changing my blog to Ask Chaz Gremlin might be a bit of a nuisance to all involved.

((( OOC question: how did you put the little modblog link on the side of your character blog pic? Btw, loving the tinkerer Chaz :D )))

((Oh, that? Assuming your modblog is your primary blog (Which it hopefully is!)…

1. Click on the cog to go to settings, then click on your character blog’s title.

2. Up at the top, you’ll see a button titled “Change Avatar”. Click that button.

3. Tick the “Show Author Portraits” box.

Save your settings, and you’re done. :D Making this reply public so that other askblogs can see how to do it, since the settings got shifted around a bit following the tumblr update))

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